19 Signs You Are A Poor College Student

1. You recognize two food groups: Ramen and instant coffee.

2. You’ve eaten Ramen for several days consecutively, and more than once per day.

3. You’ve made boxed macaroni and cheese without milk and butter.

4. You’ve contemplated eating the spoiled food in your refrigerator because: one) it’s a waste of money to throw it away; and two) you can’t afford to buy fresh food.

5. You’ve had to decide whether gas or food is more important.

6. You’ve had to choose between going to the doctor and buying food.

7. You’ve taken multiple free samples of cough drops or ibuprofen from the student health center because Walgreens is for fancy people.

8. You’ve either snuck into the Campus dining hall or stood outside begging people to swipe you in.

9. You befriend cashiers at fast food places because the dollar menu is cheaper than the Campus dining hall.

10. You become a regular at Denny’s because you consider it to be fine dining.

11. You’ve gone to activities or events on campus only because they offer free food (Extra credit for class is just an extra bonus!)

12. …But you turn down free food from your family because you want them to think you have more money than you do.

13. You drink tap water because you don’t want to pay $2.75 for a bottle of water.

14. You buy toiletries in bulk when you have a good paycheck.

15. You’ve had to decide whether to pay to print off a paper for class or do a load of laundry.

16. You think that Febreeze counts as doing laundry for the week.

17. You’ve purchased powdered laundry detergent from the dollar store because the liquid pods are too sophisticated.

18. You’re wearing the same pair of jeans your parents bought you your first month of college…and you’re a senior in college.

19. You’ve realized that food is the most important thing money can buy…but you still waste money going out to eat and to see movies with your friends.