My Bucket List

  1. Write 1 poem every day for a month.
  2. See the ocean.
  3. Pay for the car behind me in a drive-thru.
  4. Have a live Christmas tree.
  5. Go apple picking.
  6. Compliment at least 1 person a day for a year.
  7. Swim with dolphins.
  8. Publish a book of poetry.
  9. Write my wedding vows.
  10. Play clarinet at the Chicago Symphony Center.
  11.  Go hiking in the mountains.
  12. Have a career that I love.
  13.  Learn a foreign language.
  14. Earn my Bachelor of Arts degree.
  15. Keep a plant alive for more than a year.
  16. Make birthday cards for all of my loved ones for one year.
  17. Teach others one thing I have learned every day for a year.
  18. Help someone who is in need.
  19. Take pictures in the park while there is snow on the ground.
  20. Laugh once every day for a year (the habit will stick forever!)

Check back  for updates and additions!


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