#SW4MH Poem for Donor: Jimmy & Dar

Digital Age


Technology is the mind’s gas station,

a lulling mug of warm cocoa

topped with instant gratification.

The cocoa’s side effect: addiction.

Translation: frustration. We crave

the web, this neurotic sedation.


The computer flashes tiny pixels

like a neon sign, but the screen

is a window, information trickles

both ways faster than the wind

But just open the windows,

to brighter pixels in a star’s twinkle.


Sun shines through window shutters,

while outside a grass blade quivers

as a dragonfly pauses to rest,

a computer knows no difference

from the aroma of dew and rain

on wheat-filled, corn-filled, bean-filled plains.

*Thank you all for your generous support! I am now only $415 away from my goal! After another $15, I will wear a funky #sw4mh hat around Chicago, and once I reach $500, I will dye my hair NoStigmas green!

To join in on the #SW4MH campaign, please visit http://bit.ly/1i59lx9! Remember, every donor will receive a poem (you can leave a topic idea for the poem in your donation comments).

Thank you again for helping ensure no one faces mental illness or suicide alone! For more information about how your donation impacts NoStigmas, please visit https://nostigmas.org.



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