Today as I was walking outside to get my clarinet from the music building, I had an interesting thought, which I later shared on Facebook.  Although it was just shy of ten degrees, I could feel the warmth of the sun peeking just over the trees.  That was when it hit me.

“Maybe we are sent to places we do not want to be so that we can make a difference-so that we can bring goodness, and love, and hope; and maybe, just maybe, we are sent to the darkest places to learn the brightest lessons.”                                                                                                  -Amanda Reimer

This year happened to be filled with a lot of those dark places that I didn’t want to be in.  There were deaths and struggles, lies and hurt feelings, sicknesses and pains, stresses and worries.  But above all of those things there was always hope.  Hope for a better tomorrow, hope for peace and love, hope for healing and relaxation, hope for joy and happiness—and maybe that’s something we all need to remember.  Kindness and love are the greatest gifts you can give to another person, and I think that they truly make a difference and nurture hope in those bad times—whether you’re giving or receiving.

I may not know what 2014 will bring, but I know this much: it will be filled with ups and downs, it will be filled with sorrows and joys, there will be trials and celebrations, memories and laughter, but above all there will be hope.


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