Things I Am Thankful For, Part 3

11. Camping.

I am thankful for the many years I spent not only as a camper, but also as a camp counselor.  My experiences at camp taught me so many things about the world and about myself.  They were life changing.

12. Blankets.

I tend to be very cold, so naturally, I am thankful for blankets.  In fact, if I could go back in time, I would personally thank whoever invented/discovered blankets.

13. Bananas.

Bananas are the greatest food ever created.  You can eat them raw or cooked, sweet or salty, with a topping or without a topping, in another dish or by themselves, and a million ways in between, not to mention, they’re rich in nutrients! What’s not to be thankful for when it comes to bananas!

14. My fish.

I generally would lump fish under the “pets” category, but I have to say that my betta, Omega, falls on a different level.  I am thankful for all the frantic Internet searching and trips to pet stores when he was sick; for the way he would turn his head sideways a little bit to look at people; how he was feisty and never let anything get him down–even when he was sick with fin rot and fungal infections; how no matter how mad I would get at him for repeatedly killing my snails, he would still make me love him by swimming cutely in his tank; how he taught me that money is valuable and shouldn’t be wasted on little trinkets that will just clutter up your tank and provide a breeding ground for bacteria and algae; and how he taught me that even the tiniest creatures deserve the  greatest love you can give them.  I am thankful I was blessed to be his owner from the time he was a little tiny fish, until he passed away over two years later.

15. Storms.

I am thankful for both the beauty and the terrifying power of storms.  They remind me that I am human, and that living upon this earth is something to be deeply thankful for.


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