Things You Learn In A Long Distance Relationship Part 2

4. You’ll make it through the goodbyes.

When it’s time for you or your significant other to leave each other again, you probably feel down.  You might cry or have a lump in your throat or a terrible stomachache.  But as bad as you feel in that moment, try to remember it will get better.  You won’t stop missing your partner, but with time you’ll realize you’re down less often, and the things that remind you of them make you happy, not sad.

5.They aren’t really goodbyes.

If you really think about the meaning of goodbye, then the gaps of time apart from your partner aren’t really goodbyes.  Joey and I always say, “It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.”  It’s a great way to think of an entirely unappealing situation.  After all, just because you’re spending time apart it doesn’t mean you’ll be apart forever.  You’ll be together again soon enough.

6. You don’t have to be sad to be missing someone.

I know I’ve touched on this one already, but I think it’s important to reiterate.  This is always something I come back to because my first instinct is to be sad about missing Joey.  But I think we can all agree, that our partners don’t want us to be sad, and we don’t want them to be sad.  They still love us, we still love them, and most of the time they’re just a phone call away.  Remember the happy moments (it doesn’t hurt to have pictures to look at of the two of you together!) and look forward to the new moments you’ll make together.


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