Why Do You Rush?

Have you ever wondered why everyone always seems to be in such a hurry?  We rush to school, rush to work, rush to get our tasks done, rush to finish our meals, and rush to get home again, go to bed, wake up and do it all over again.  Day after day after day we rush, but for what reason?  It isn’t like we’re going to wake up one day with someone knocking at the front door saying, “You’re out of time.”

Yes, I know we all die, and yes, I know time is valuable; but isn’t that why we should be enjoying every second we have of it?  We’re only here on this crazy beautiful planet for so long, nobody knows how long or how short, so there’s no point in rushing around like a bunch of cows being herded onto a cart for the slaughterhouse.

Have you ever heard that saying, “Stop and smell the roses?”  Try it. Stop and smell the roses—literally.  Stop what you’re doing and actually smell the roses.  How often do you actually take time to appreciate their fragrance?  Their color?  The way the petals feel on your cheek?  The way the petals curl out at the ends just like how your sister’s hair flips out when she doesn’t straighten it all the way?

I bet you never noticed that, and now you’re laughing because you never thought that a rose and partially straightened could be compared to one another—but they can.  Just think about little things like that.  There is so much to be seen in this world.

Have you ever stopped to watch a squirrel eating a nut?  They sit hunched over and if you get too close, make a chirping noise that I can only describe as that of a dying baby eagle.  Did you know that?  Have you ever noticed the look in someone’s eyes when you say hello to them after not seeing them for some time?  Their pupils dilate, and it’s because they’re excited to see you.

Maybe it’s because I tend to be creative and because I love poetry, and beauty, and pictures, and words, but there are so many things that we miss when we go blustering about our days on a gust of wind.  We say that we know people like the backs of our hands, but do you know the back of your hand?  Are there hairs on your fingers?  Do your knuckles dimple when you lay your hand flat?  Do you have freckles or scratches or dry, patchy skin?  Maybe you do, maybe you don’t—either way it’s still beautiful, individual, and it takes time to notice it.

When I ask, “Why do you rush about your lives,” really think about it.  What if you stopped and opened up your eyes?  What if you really smelled the roses?  Time is fleeting, but a moment is what you make of it.


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