…And then I became a student blogger

When I attended a meeting with my university’s writing program last Friday, I was looking for answers.  How can I get my foot in the door with my writing?  How can I get published?  What type of internship can a creative writer get?  Two hours into the meeting, I found myself with some answers, but still anxious.

We were just about to wrap up when my professor said she had something to show us.  Before I understood the depth of what was happening, my professor began asking for volunteers to write for the blog representing our writing program.  In my head, part of me screamed out, “This is it! This is your way into a writing network!”  But on the outside, my eyes looked down and my nerves ate away at a fringe on my sweater.

I watched as one person volunteered, then another.  My professor asked once more if anyone else was interested, and I felt my hand go up.

I had not planned on doing that.

Yes, I knew it was a good idea and I wanted to do it so badly, but at the same time I was terrified.  Surely I could not produce writing good enough to represent my school’s writing program.  What if my writing would not be good enough?

At the time, I only had one follower on my personal blog, and it was my mom.  No offense to my mom, but moms tend to be biased, so of course she was going to follow my blog.  Yet, somehow, I think that one follower, my mom, gave me just enough validation to actually consider blogging for my university.

Then suddenly, in one split moment, I had courage—courage to try, and maybe that is what really matters.  Besides, if I can share my writing with others in anyway, then that is enough for me.  After all, the greatest gifts we give are the ones made with love.

On a tangent, if you’re looking for an awesome university with an even cooler writing program, check out Carroll!  You can find the blog at http://writingprogramcarrollu.wordpress.com.


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