The Nature of Change

Change scares many people.  Whether we experience death, divorce, loss, beginnings, or endings, change makes us confused and fearful, uncertain of how to proceed.  Though change may cause anxiety, change is natural, inevitable, and able to be overcome.

Someone once told me to think of myself as an oak tree.  She said oak trees are strong, sturdy, and resilient, and though the branches of my oak tree intertwine with the branches of my loved ones, they are not reliant upon one another.  To be strong, you must have confidence in yourself.  Some of your loved ones’ branches may assist your branches, but if the other person’s branches go away, your branches will still stand and your tree will not die.

If you think of yourself like an oak tree, then change does not become so frightening.  To be rooted in the ground and to have faith is enough to keep your tree sturdy even if a tree around you falls or changes.  If this is true, then change does not need to be feared.

Think of the leaves that currently fall from the trees during this beautiful time of year.  They turn from green to red and brown and gold, beautiful colors.  But we do not mourn the changing of the leaves, nor do the trees die or lose their rooting because of the changing seasons.

Seasons come and seasons go, as does change. Your roots can withstand falling and changing leaves.  So celebrate the changing colors of the leaves in your life.  You might just find some hidden beauty scattered in the leaf piles below.


4 thoughts on “The Nature of Change

  1. Maybe it’s just because we grew up together and I know you so well, but I really think your writing is poetic and straightforward and makes things so much clearer to me. 🙂 Thank you

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